person or persons who mannage to sneak out of any trouble or situation.
the weasle escaped again!!!
by fife April 28, 2006
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To weasle is to talk to a member of the opposite sex, apparently innocently, when in fact you intend for sexual activity later, and everyone else knows it. Used more by males about females

Epsom College 6th Form
Mate you fucking weasled her/him hardcore
Mate I'm on the wease
Mate I am already weasling her/him
by Beeman And Campo April 20, 2005
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i laughed when he showed me his weasle
by trevor82 February 18, 2010
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After watching porn for an hour or so, I went to whack the weasle
by Jew Bass Five December 22, 2006
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A term used to describe a sneaky ass fucking dick face
Look at Jeremy he is such an ass weasle.
by hellof oguy October 11, 2007
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The bean weasle is indigenous to the midwest, loves to walk around naked inside of a sleeping bag even if in a hotel and survives solely on beans, ways to detect if a friend is a bean weasle are the stench that they give off some times smelling like marijuana and usually has curly hair.
Tyler West is a bean weasle.
by bartholameau jong February 3, 2010
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