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The term Shpox is a very classic term.
It originated in 1952 BC, along when Military coup in Egypt ousts King Farouk. The term later grew in the Cheesebin, accompanied by the variation "Shpooz" which slowly progressed. The term has recently developed a "enn" to add a bit of zesty German eye.
The term can be described as:

A. An honorable member, ninja and mighty god to all beings with tentacle like spider legs.
B. A moose who likes to set things on fire, and eat chicken.
C. BBQ the enemy and add a dash of sauce.
D. A brand of pimp suits often worn by pimps.
E. A hip cheeky bugaboo.
F. All of the above.

Variants of this word are Shpoxenn and Shizzle and Shpoxenn Schlieben.
Zomg0dz0rs!11 The Shpox is coming! To the Moose wagon !

Sliebenschlieben, Was that a shpox ? Quick, lets wank before we forget it.

Let's cook the enemy and feed him to the rats, In fact, lets Shpox him with a dash of pepper and rosemary.
by Andy Warhole July 28, 2006
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