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Quarantining is driving (slowly) in a car by somebody's house and screaming "Quarantine" as loud as possible and laying on the horn. This activity is usually done late at night (but could also be done in the day time) with a group of people that is used to disturb big parties, or used as a prank to someone.
Elizabeth wasn't too happy about her house party getting Quarantined. It caused major disturbance and no one knew what was happening.
by quarantinespike May 25, 2010
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v. To drop a deuce so foul, so unspeakably wretched and so disgusting that the bathroom is off limits for at least half the day.
Dude, Jimmy went out last night and got annihilated drunk and then stopped and got a burrito while stumbling home. Now the bathroom is quarantined, seriously, don't go near there.
by G.I. Nigel March 26, 2010
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Slang for mid to high grade cannabis flowers intended for smoking. Quarantine never refers to kif, hash, vegetable cannabis matter (I.E. leaves, stems, seeds,), or any form of cannabis intended to be ingested such as but not limited to hash brownies or cannabutter.
Hey man lets go smoke some of that quarantine.
by Neb sicnarf January 13, 2008
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The time of the month when a female is having her period. Resulting in no sex for you.
I thought I was getting some ass last night but she was 'Quarantined'
by Honkytonk Bossman February 16, 2009
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