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a termed used by gang memebers when some gang has a hit out on em.
dude, six fools got blasted last week from that neighborhood...they got the green light.
by ROB $ December 11, 2004
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The act of putting a hit out on a particular mark or on all members of a rival or seceding gang.
Back in the day La Eme gave the greenlight to Maravilla (but not anymore).
by doze nuts September 14, 2007
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(n.) to give the go ahead
also (v.) give a green light or give the green light
Ok, we got the green light.
You got a green light, make it quick.
by JediAndi September 02, 2005
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A term used when there is a price on your head by either bounty hunters, mercs, or thugs.
"What's wrong wit you, dog?? Don you know thay's a GREEN LIGHT on yo ass??"
by Joshiro007 March 18, 2003
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When someone gives you the "Go ahead"
I didn't know if she wanted to leave with me, but she gave me the green light to go ahead and ask.
by Mac Linton July 15, 2005
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a tactic in flirting, to give the go-ahead for the other person to ask you out via non-verbal cues.
He's come into my work every day this week. I've let him know I'm available and let him know through my across-the-room-staredowns that he's got the green light.
by shilojean May 11, 2006
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