shortened form of douche-bag
David is a DB.
by Sam and Laura March 10, 2004
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A dumb bitch or a drunk bitch depending on the time and place.
Yo look at that db over there dancing on the bar.
by EBUKI August 9, 2010
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-an acronym that can be used as a general insult for people you don't really like
-dead beat; dick brain; dick butt; ding bat; dirty bastard; dirty bitch; dirt bag; dirt box; douche bag; drew barrymore; drunk bitch; dumb blonde
"That guy was such a db last night!"
"Yeah I know what a loser."
by Mimi915 July 9, 2009
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db stands for Down bad! who knew!!
Girl: Bro when I tell you the man almost made me go weak in the knees!!
Another Girl: You is so db it ain't even funny
by Queen2Day May 21, 2022
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Short for dumb bitch, used when using the full phrase becomes inappropriate, ie. the workplace.
That db! I've showed her how to run the copier three times and she still can't figure it out!
by la-tee-da August 2, 2004
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short form of damn bitch. A term used in games, (mostly rhythm games) when a player achieves a really good score or an fc (full combo)
person 1: dude i just fcd through the fire and flames on hard
person 2: db bro
by DoomWrld September 22, 2019
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