Greeks are either hot girls a non Greek will never get because they're not Greek themselves, or a male that will take all of the said Greek women and any other hot girls around. Women gravitate to them, and no other ethnic groups, except maybe some Italians who pass themselves off as Greek. They always have a nice tan. Don't bother living in an area with Greeks if you plan on having a beautiful wife, because she will already have a Greek boyfriend/husband.
Frank:Hey man, check out that hot chick over there dancing
Bill:Yeah man, she's pretty hot
Frank: I'm totally going to talk to her
Bill: Don't bother dude, while you told me that 7 word sentence Greeks already picked her up
by MikeWG March 12, 2010
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The best kind of people you will ever know
there are two kinds of people .... people who are greek and people who wish they were
by stephanie May 19, 2004
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The Greeks are a sexy, sytlish, intelligent race (opposite of the Turks), who basically invented civilization. Greece and Cyprus are where most Greeks in the world live.

Although there are large amounts of Greeks/Cypriots in Australia and parts of South Africa as well as the UK.

Greeks have many cultural similarities to Italians, and conquered Sicily and most of Southern Italy. Greeks are loved all over the world apart from in Turkey, where they are so jealous of them.
Greeks are great so are Spaniards and Italians.
by Maverick Corleone July 14, 2006
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a native or inhabitant of modern Greece, or a person of Greek descent. If you're not one or you don't know one, you haven't lived.
My friend Anna is Greek.
by Greekie2000 March 24, 2016
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/noun/(1) a citizen of Greece; (2) a person whose ancestors are from Greece

/adjective/ referring to things or ideas that originated in Grecce
by Paul Thundergod May 11, 2004
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A person who has a high taste for OUZO and other hard liquor that you only need one shot to get drunk. They also like to break plates, eat a lot (at least 17 meals a day), and talk a lot and extremely loud. If one is Greek, their names end in "opoulos" or "idis". Also all Greeks are born with a natural instinct to hate, hunt and kill Turks.
There are two types of people in the world; people who are Greek, and people who wish they were Greek.
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a kick ass person who has at least 26-89 cousins, killer parties on every major holiday with the exception of Roshushanna and Hanukkah, loves to drink undiluted ouzo, and is referred to/responds to "Greek" while being passed in the hallways of school.
Dude, you're so greek.

'Sup, Greek!

I wish I was Greek.
by zt! January 19, 2005
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