When someone says something you agree with.
I understand, I get you, or I know what you mean. Used as a term of understanding.
Guy 1: Bro I just got a new car with rims.
Guy 2: I feel that.
Guy 1: I knew I should've gotten the boxer instead of the retriever
Guy 2: with the boxer you'd probably pull more so I feel that bro
by I'm not from the Hood July 24, 2015
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ex: Dude I got so fucking hammered last night.

I feel it man.
by eastcoastshawty September 6, 2015
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"I feel you" delivered in a modern style - and only two syllables.
Me: I love Louis C.K.'s show "Louie", but some of its best scenes are as heavy and dark as TV gets. I'm hesitant to recommend it to the uninitiated, lest they find it a bad trip.

Friend: I feels.
by 10mjg November 14, 2015
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The speaker empathizes, agrees with, or understands on a deep and personal level a particular comment made by another; the speaker deeply relates to someone's sentiment. It is not meant literally, conveys no sexual connotation, and is not necessarily a confession the speaker feels romantically toward the person who made the original comment.
After she said, "I hate Mondays", her co-worker responded, "I feel you."
by ruralthesaurus92 March 31, 2015
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I understand and relate to your circumstance. Empathize.
Wife says "Dinner was hot on the table 30 minutes ago, but my husband is still watching the ball game and it is getting cold."
Wife's friend replies "I feel ya".
by shememyus December 28, 2013
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Having a desire for something.
Also the immediate response to a question when you have about zero fucks to give.
Why are you shaving your beard Tom?
Because I feel like it. Now do the god damned dishes.
by Ionme November 7, 2015
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This is a phrase that haunts people everywhere. Children and adults alike are all terrified when they hear this. If you've looked this up, then you're either traumatized already or about to be traumatized.
When I heard someone say "I feel fantastic, hey hey hey hey," I instantly screamed and ran away.
by Uncle Hash November 10, 2021
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