Greek's are often loud,Like to a ALOT,And hate turks,Some are Muzztek and sum hate muzza's Most just like to make friends with Other People of southern europe Like italians :-).....they have a great past and dont like to boast about our culture,like italians :-)(ID KNOW IM ITALIAN). Overall if you make frieinds with a greek you make friends with a great Person By the way they don diloute OUZO they just DRINK IT
Greek ouzo drink strong past freind freak cool funny flag lol omg wtf zomg hacks
by ItalianBoy006 October 14, 2007
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Impenetrable, incomprehensible, gibberish, utterly foreign, incapable of being understood.

This is the more traditional, colloquial meaning in American slang. Something, usually text or a learned subject, that is difficult to comprehend or understand.
"I am trying to learn calculus, but failing miserably. It's all Greek to me."

"Can you read what it says on the menu? It's all greek to me."
by david lincoln brooks November 06, 2017
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When something is weird and foreign but otherwise indescribable
What type of shitface lettering is this?

Response: eh it's fucking Greek
by Dolphinman300 August 03, 2017
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A person who is extremely cool and smooth with everything he does. Also likes to get geeked and is a freak.
"Greek motherfucker, your the coolest mother fucker on the planet, dude"
by geekedgreek August 17, 2006
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One who owns all. Usually have at least 27 cousins, eat lots of awesome food (Yamista, gyros, spanicopita). We invented everything, including the atom bomb. It was then stolen by the Italians, then by the Russians, and finally by the Bastards in the USA. We hate those malakas from Turkey, with their camel wrestling. They take over northern Cyprus, so we are forced to kill them.
by Spatter Artist (Ioannis Tzilos) February 18, 2006
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