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A cheap snack bar or cafeteria serving inexpensive cholesterol-heavy food to the working classes.

A full English fry up, sickly ketchup, astringent malt vinegar and a mug of boiling hot tea all sitting on a cracked formica table. Bloody marvellous!
The Rendezvous on the A22 at Wapses Lodge, between Whyteleafe and Caterham.
by Lee Farmie October 15, 2004
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A small cafe or beanery that serves fried and deep-fried foods. The food is often delicious and always bad for you.
The Dell Cafe is Castro Valley's oldest greasy spoon.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
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A back-street café, from which you can obtain various dishes (all-day breakfast, sausage sandwich, etc) that are lavishly coated in grease and served in a paper bag for you to enjoy outside.

A "Greasy Spoon" usually serves a heart attack on a plate.
Fancy a trip to the greasy spoon? I could do with a heart attack on a plate.
by jola January 23, 2005
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Jerking-off onto your hand, then slapping someone across the face.
John is such a tool that he's about to get the Greasy Spoon.
by ripclaw33 December 06, 2010
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The highly competitive, internationally acclaimed sport involving teams of nude, greased partners bound together by gratuitous strands of glow-sticks. Together, under the glow of blacklights, the couple must writhe their way across the finish line before the other duos. Invented in 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska - the sport has earned acclaim from marriage counselors and the rave community alike.
World-Champion and inventor, Tara Wrist won the coveted first place vest in the 2011 Greasy Spoons finals by writhing in her signature figure eight motion.
by Feelips June 16, 2011
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when u shove a wooden spoon up a girls ass when ur hittin it from the back and then u go and make brownies with it right after
tyler and zoe used the greasy spoon to make these brownies, and thats why everyone died
by turd burgeler April 07, 2008
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when two sexual partners laying in the spoon position, the assumed male position (of behind) takes a spoon "greased" in KY jelly- sticks it into his own anus then removes it from his anus to give the assumed female position (in front)- then shoves the spoon into her mouth and twist's back and forth with a sharp wrist like movement.

this was made up while playing a game of catch phrase while inhebreated. the greasy spoon came up and sounded like a sexual position so we made the most disgusting thing we could think of for it... hope you like
my girlfriend has been bad, if she keeps it up i'm gonna give her the greasy spoon.
by Randy December 02, 2004
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