A Small,lightweight British sportscar that has little bodywork. For hardcore drivers only...or Trackdays. Was orignaly called the Lotus seven.
"Did you see that...It was a Caterham!"
by Calster September 19, 2008
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Ninja car, cheap little Bantam weight bastard driven by insane British men that'll hammer any other car on a moderately complex track
The ultimate Top Gear prize goes to a thirty five thousand pound car (Caterham) that came here and
smashed the Bugatti’s one million pound face. Jeremy Clarkson
by T3h_Bodysnatcher June 21, 2010
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A useless school led by a bunch off nonces. It is commonly know for having a vaping crisis which is gripping the youth. A evil witch who goes by the name dgabs lurks in the school. However there is a legend who protects people, Coby.
by Ikukdgabsisnonce February 5, 2020
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place with loads of wankers drunks druggys and pregnant benefit women chavs and old people dont go there
lets go to caterham on the hill

fuck no
by galifraiyansemajg September 17, 2017
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bunch of frigid bitches. All up each others arse. Always second to whitgift, to be honest stop trying to be like whitgift your a bunch of losers. All the girls think the boys at the school are fucking brilliant but instead they are a bunch of losers that need to grow a fucking pair.
by qwertyfilhgdidfsbndjk March 9, 2012
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This school is famously shit it was known as complete and utter majesty but is now rarely heard about The girls there bang out Victoria secret scents and act prestige although desperate at 5/10 average and the mandem all act bad even when they are privileged nerds who play minecraft whilst listening to drill music
That girl is from caterham high school don’t link her
by Arkz1Shark April 18, 2020
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a school where all da gyals breathe in victoria secret and have more knowledge on how to have sex then how to shower and they all act like prestige retards and think mandem are chasing there non - existent arses when there punaanis smell like fish and they go to dere little nitty raves full of unseasoned cabbages den they think dere bad cos theu know Digga D nd all da greytings love lightskins buh dere all butters den da mandem think dere all bad and they think they can do drill and chef any man dat comes dere way when they piss dere pants in front of dere marj 99% of da students are too brave and all da midget yr 8's think there on shit but they flex dere dads p's its a school full of nitty's and deres pnly a couple of real people da rest are fake nd chat ab eachother dont send ur child here dont need more man to join.
dis girl from caterham high school sucked me off in bside McDonald's toilets den started crying cos i used her for slops.
by Suckurmudda12222🥺 June 23, 2020
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