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meaning "of the people, for the people" originally used and abused by hippies.
and the word became unanimous with any and all political movements in the USA.
since it's inception it has became the best example of Semantic satiation as the word has lost all meaning due to the frequency of use.
"we must start a grassroots movement to show the government we mean business." -some hippy
"this business is so grassroots." -some starbucks hipster
"the band started as a grassroots, then eventually became the funk rock band it is today." -some nonsense magazine
by thatcrazyguyoverthere February 20, 2014

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a fucking retard, or a retarded fuck.
anyone who downvotes this is a fucktard!
by thatcrazyguyoverthere February 26, 2015

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An excuse for preffering one operating system over another because one cannot find another legitimate excuse to hate on another operating system. the term means "pre-installed companion software" but for some that just means less space on their hard drive and they would rather install the "bloatware" themselves.
Thanks to a lot of tech geek fanboys this word has become one of the biggest examples of semantic satiation in the tech industry. It's been used so much it has become utterly meaningless.
The "what's the best OS of Linux?" debate has been going on for decades now...
Geek 1: I like Debian, but I like Ubuntu more.
Geek 2: Aren't they essentially the same OS?
Geek 1: Yes, Ubuntu is derived from Debian...
Geek 3: I prefer Debian because Ubuntu has too much bloatware.
Geek 1: ......
by thatcrazyguyoverthere March 07, 2014

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