When you put grape juice/soda on a woman's genitals, make her put an apple in her mouth, eat her out, and then take a bite of the apple.
No one could understand why Terry was buying so much grape Fanta and a big bag of apples, but he was planning a grapple experience for his special lady that very night.
by beautifulmidnight March 4, 2011
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The guard as it's called in grappling disiplines such as Brazilian Jiu jitsu or Sambo; is where one lies on his back
holding his or her opponent's trunk with there legs.
From this position it is possible to attack your opponent
with joint locks, chokes,strikes or sweeps/reversals.
It also is possible for the person in the top position to effectivley strike inside the guard.
If you are taken to the ground with your opponent coming down on top of you. It might be best to assume a type of guard, instead of trying to turn your back to him or allowing him to fully mount you.
My opponent connects with a right hook knocking me off balance. Seizing his chance he charges and tackles me in an attempt to take me down and ground N pound me.
As we hit the ground I Close my legs tightly around his hips thus forming a closed Guard (Grappling). I cup the crown of his head with one arm and under hook his arm with my other. I suck him in close to me. By breaking down his posture I can better inhibit (But not take away) his ability to strike than if he had me fully mounted.
by Strider777 January 14, 2008
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A Mexican baby that is launched into America from a mothers uterus in Mexico so the mother can use the umbilical cord to climb over the boarder.
You see Raquel over there, she used a grappling baby to get over the border, her son Jose is still retarded from it.
by tvet0013 December 13, 2011
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The act of shooting someone in the head in some kind of video game. Apon this ocassion you randomly scream "GRAPPLE HEADSHOT". Realizing that that made no sense at all, every person within 20 feet of you will kick you in the nuts.
Person A: "Shotty Snipers on ValHalla Again?!?!"

Person B: "Grapple Headshot"

Person(s) C-Z: (kick you in your nuts)
by GingerH8r October 6, 2007
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noun, the all too common occurrence of a pregnant woman in Mexico aiming her birth canal at America to launch her baby over the border so then she can climb in using the umbilical cord.
Steven Colbert spiked that grappling baby back into mexico before the mom could climb over the border.
by katerader December 15, 2011
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to engage in the act of lip-on-lip contact (aka making out or kissing) with someone from your prefered gender.
We stared into each other's eyes for what felt like forever until I grew some balls, leaned in, and started lip grappling with her. It was awesome!
by Cobalot April 12, 2017
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A sexual maneuver wherein one is having sex with a female vaginally and doggy-style, and one inserts both thumbs (or two or more other suitable digits) into her anus and crooks them on the inside so as to create a solid lock. This creates the possibility of pulling the girl onto you more forcefully and with greater sensation. To say the least.
"Boarding parties away! Launch the grappling hook and bring her alongside for us to plunder!"
by Der Kaiser December 20, 2004
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