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The all too common occurrence of a woman in Mexico aiming her birth canal at America, to launch her baby over the boarder so that she could climb in using the umbilical cord.
Thanks to Juanita's Grappling-Baby, she and her entire family were able to safely cross the Texas/Mexico boarder fence into sovereign US territory.
by wertitis December 14, 2011
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When someone has fucked up toes and uses them as tools. For example to pick things up and tie people's shoe laces. Ewan studd has these toes and toe fucks his girlfriend and dog all the time. The dog loves it very much.
Izzy- "ewan pass me that parsnip"
Ewan *picks up the parsnip with his monkey feet and launches it at her*.,

Izzy- "fuck that you're grapple toes have touched it"
by Burtysquirty123 August 29, 2017
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The drunken art of fondling the old lady's fluff after coming home steaming.
"Gibbo was so drunk last night all he could do was lick his finger an attempt some hamster grappling"
by Bryz April 11, 2008
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to spank your huge monkey or penis with a firm hold firoutiously till its discolored
wanna go grapple the gorillia while watching scooby doo
by dtrizzle by nizzle December 7, 2008
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noun: When a man holds a woman's legs apart from behind to present it to another for the purpose of sexual intercourse or rape. Usually whilst the man is kneeling down, but has been known to be accomplished while standing upright. This requires stength and greater technique.

Origin: This maneuver has been made popular by its continual reference in Japanese pornography
"I'd like to put her in a Yakuza grapple"

"She can still move, your Yakuza grapple technique has not yet been perfected"
by Otto McGuire July 30, 2006
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while making out with a girl hold her extremely close, nearly in a head-lock to make sure any interested Jamaicans know to keep their distance
Damn look at Kirk, he's got that bitch in the Lucadamo Grapple.
by Slam Pig April 19, 2007
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