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The asshole that cuts you off to get the last pump at the gas station.
When you're pulling into the last available pump and some prick driving a blue ford focus cuts you off and you are left to wait until a pump clears up. "What a GASSHOLE!!!"
by GingerH8r August 13, 2008
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The Act of taking a dump on the beach. Usually following a turd ambush
Guy 1: "Last night I was walking on the beach with Karen and I had to shit"

Guy 2: "Did you drop the ol' Sandy Mcfudgens?"

Guy 1: "You fuckin bet"

Guy 2: "Niiice"
by GingerH8r October 6, 2007
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The act of shooting someone in the head in some kind of video game. Apon this ocassion you randomly scream "GRAPPLE HEADSHOT". Realizing that that made no sense at all, every person within 20 feet of you will kick you in the nuts.
Person A: "Shotty Snipers on ValHalla Again?!?!"

Person B: "Grapple Headshot"

Person(s) C-Z: (kick you in your nuts)
by GingerH8r October 6, 2007
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