A game design problem in which a feature that would make a video game more fun (Such as a grappling hook in the case of any game with 3D movement) would not fit into the game itself for other reasons, such as aesthetics.
This makes the game not fulfill its true potential value in conventional fun, but improves its value as a work of art and a unique experience. The addition of pretty much any conventionally fun gameplay feature has the potential to be a grappling hook dilemma.
Person A: This game would be more fun if they added a Grappling Hook

Person B: But that wouldn't fit into the game. Its meant to portray a more realistic situation

Person A: But it would be more fun to play.

Person B: But the aesthetic would be ruined if a grappling hook were included

Person C: Ah the Grappling Hook Dilemma
by YaBoiTStar67 June 13, 2021
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