A kind, hot and/or sometimes sexy sir, (in his 60's and older) with money to spend, often found sporting a Rollie, sponsoring the bottle service and decked down in Phillip Plein's latest. Although you may not necessarily want to take this sir into the bedroom, you certainly wouldn't mind drinking the Dom Perignon in his booth.
Aye, Natalie, quit downing the margarita, and go talk to that granddaddy over there. Round 2 is on the boys!
by accountingbish June 22, 2020
ik people love their cousins a bit too much or their siblings but what about grandparents, or grandaddys 😏
Grandpa: oh my Isabella you are a very good looking woman
Isabella: damn granddaddy u are so hot rn-
by GayFuckerUWU March 14, 2022
A term to describe an older gentleman with grandkids, who is constantly being chased by woman after the dong of all dongs.
Oh boy, I guess Melissa was at it again. She was chasing this guy Tom, and he is about 20 years older than her. Little did Tom know, Melissa is a Horsedick Hound and upon cornering him, she persuaded Tom to take her home and give her a pounding with that Granddaddy Dong. I overheard Melissa talking to Betty, and she said she hasn’t been able to walk right for two days after the thorough jackhammering she received. I wish I was a Grandaddy, or a guy with a huge Dong. At least I have a good personality, I guess. Jesus, life’s a mess!
by Tee Cee Deez March 16, 2020
Syd: My sugar granddaddy gave me 1000 bucks to jump in a pool.
Chichi: Bitch, I pushed you in that pool! I'm yo' suga mamma!
Sugar Granddaddy: Girl, you can have whateva you like.
by Skiy May 2, 2009
A very potent, expensive strain of weed popular in the northeast. Has a very unique taste and very strong smoke even though it burns slower then other strains. Can run up to 65$ an eighth. People often call what they are selling granddaddy purple when they are really selling a lesser grade of purple (i.e. grape goo, purple Kush)
"I just copped a P of Granddaddy Purple from the club"

"I got grapes yadida?"
by TheStudioDankster650 October 9, 2006
three way cross of Purple Urkel, Grape Ape, and Lavender. These three strains came from the same mother.
yeah, I gots dat Granddaddy Purple. Who's got the wrap?
by Thebestweed'sfromMendo May 7, 2007
Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain- Alot of people think Granddaddy purps is the Top of the purple strain food chain...Well actually granddaddy purps is the mass produced version of purple urkel, By crossing purple urkel and Big bud you get Granddaddy purps an easy to grow, Great tasting and potent purple strain. Dont get confused by its Granddaddy name.....

Granddaddy Purps is the "mass produced" version of Purple Urkel. By crossing Big Bud with Urkel, growers have created a much more forgiving plant capable of high yields.

A distinctively grape smell and taste accompany the smooth and even buzz. Expect more energy than a typical indica. Great for going out hiking or otherwise enjoying mother nature.
grandaddy purps "Granddaddy purps" "grandaddy purps" "Purple urkel"
by HazeRage December 7, 2011