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A very potent, expensive strain of weed popular in the northeast. Has a very unique taste and very strong smoke even though it burns slower then other strains. Can run up to 65$ an eighth. People often call what they are selling granddaddy purple when they are really selling a lesser grade of purple (i.e. grape goo, purple Kush)
"I just copped a P of Granddaddy Purple from the club"

"I got grapes yadida?"
by TheStudioDankster650 October 09, 2006

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See bammer

Weed that lacks in quality.

Also known as stress, Bobby Brown, bammer and mexican brick.
"That weed is some wammers"

"If you got the bobby, don't come around me. I need that shit from Humboldt County. 420, paraquat, the shit that make you cough up snot"
- Mac Dre, "I need an eighth"
by TheStudioDankster650 April 29, 2007

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