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A kind, hot and/or sometimes sexy sir, (in his 60's and older) with money to spend, often found sporting a Rollie, sponsoring the bottle service and decked down in Phillip Plein's latest. Although you may not necessarily want to take this sir into the bedroom, you certainly wouldn't mind drinking the Dom Perignon in his booth.
Aye, Natalie, quit downing the margarita, and go talk to that granddaddy over there. Round 2 is on the boys!
by accountingbish June 22, 2020
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another word for marijuana, used in oakland, california used by keak the sneak.
lets go around the corner and go smoke this grand daddy.
by ashley edwards April 30, 2006
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the father of your mother or father. usually the giver of gifts, candy, and the first one to give you a beer or a drag of his cigar. cool guy.
i kicked my grand daddy in the shin and ran.
by michelle1 February 10, 2008
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