Miscellaneous cruft or garbage. Colorful Southern term for schmutz (Yiddish), crud (Yankee) or other
unwanted marks, spots or streaks on a copy. Sounds like a contraction of "gratuitous doodoo", not as dangerous as the "deep doodoo" that plagued George the First, but equally annoying. See gradeau
Computer language: The syntax is clean, except for this gradoo in the join statement.
by Dave March 10, 2004
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Unidentified grime in crevaces or cracks.
Man 1: Tell me what this substance is in the tread of my tires.

Man 2: I can't tell, some kind of gradoo.
by Panamman April 17, 2009
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In cooking, this often is used to refer to the stuff in the pan left over after browning something. It is misspelled French unless I'm mistaken.
When you make the gravy, be sure to deglaze the gradoo with some red wine.
by William Austad July 11, 2008
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1. the extra paper that comes off of like notebooks, composition books and other stuff
2. eraser shavings
Noun Singular
Plural: gradoos
1. Please get that gradoo off the floor.
2. He choked on the gradoo and died.
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