an expression used to refer to the horseplay being committed by others that has become annoying; also refers to horseplay, that by some aspect would likely be annoying and/or offensive to others.
e.g. "Hey! Knock off the grab-ass!" or "Hey! Knock off the grab-assing!"
by A. Carpenter May 22, 2007
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1. the act of wrestling or chasing another person with the intention to squeeze that person's butt
2. to insult someone who is slacking off or wasting your time by inferring that they were grabbing each other's asses
1. Yesterday I caught my younger brother and his friends playing grab ass.
2. When my boss caught me and a co-worker smoking outside, my boss told us to stop playing grab ass.
by toast455 July 06, 2005
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Fucking around with one or more other people, generally at work.
"You guys don't have time to be grab assing! Now get back to work, slackers!"
by pjdpete April 14, 2006
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Basically dicking around or fucking off, often without sexual implications.
Quit playing grab ass and get back to work.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
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Grabbing ass: means to hold someone ass with tenderness and affection.
Ads grabbing shows intention to make love or kiss or as a show of love.
Have you seen that fit ads. I would like to grabbing ass now.
by Grabbing ass August 22, 2017
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