8 definitions by Les

1. The Cross/symbol of the devil, it is pretty much a upside-down normal religious cross.

2. a Metal band from south of england. which members include 3 teens which try there hardest to create material which they like.
songs include-On The Plains/Defeating Death On A Battlefield/Create The Uncreated
1. i saw lucifer's cross in a goth shop the other day.

2.i saw lucifers cross last night at my schools battle of the bands, i think they were very good.
by Les March 11, 2006
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greek word meaning all's good. our english o.k stems from this.
how u doing?
olla kalla
by Les March 02, 2005
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Possibly the most offensive word in the English language. Pairing up 'Blood' with cunt results in a word so offensive that it should only be used in the most extreme circumstances.
by Les January 12, 2004
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A dillusionally fat or ugly chick that thinks she will find a rich man to take of her for the rest of her life.
Hey man, she has an extreme case of ugly princess syndrome.
by Les August 11, 2004
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When using the absolute truth, you use this to tell the others that you aren't lying and that it isn't some sort of trick.
"Gambrell, Jorge ate a marshmellow from Tano's ass crack for $3"
by Les August 15, 2004
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