Typically a male name but can also be used for girls too. Originates from the bible 'The Book of Zephaniah'

Also means "God has hidden"
Hey Zephaniah, come check this out!
by JacquilleJonassena February 17, 2021
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Zephaniah a compassionate young man who loves to help others. His nickname is Ni and hates to be called zeph. a total Mamma's boy. But will all ways stand for what's right. Thanks to all his sisters he knows how to do hair and treat girls right. Very adventurous and daring. Loves sports and is a total player. All the girls love him.
Here comes Zephaniah . Do I look ok?
by S.E.E.D June 20, 2018
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A sexy ass Nigga with a long ass dick
¨i need me a Zephaniah¨
by NiggaBOYbigdick December 11, 2014
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