Hebrew term for "gentile", it's usually used in an unflattering manner. It, like "gentile", literally means "nation" (as in tribe or race, not really country).
by 5th Column May 01, 2003
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Another name for a gay boy.
Look at that goy with his purse and scarf

Girl: There are way too many goys at this school. How am I supposed to get a decent boyfriend?

Fag Hag: Hey gurl meet my new goyfriend. Isn't he cute?
by Shashley February 24, 2011
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An androgynous person. More specifically, a boy who looks like a girl in terms of hair, facial features/structure, and stature/build. Very creepy.
"Holy shit, there's a goy on the bus!"
by Willy L. February 09, 2008
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Is a person who was born as a girl that wants to live her life as a boy. She has the look of a woman but the demeanor of a man. She's not a butch or a dike she's a goy.
The goy was bullied in school because of her sexual identity.
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by snacks loya17y September 14, 2018
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this is the word you use when you've done something embarassing or wrong and want to get out of it with some humourous escape.
(you can add to the affect by yanking on your collar and moving your jaw to the right)
Sarah: Julia, did you steal the cookies from the cookie jar?
Julia: Goooy!! (while tugging on her collar)
by Sima L. May 22, 2005
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