what you get when you misspell "Hitler" on this website.
opps i mispelt hilter
by Augster March 15, 2009
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Not to be confused with Nazi leader Hitler. Hilter is a term used when YouTube wants to demonetize somebody for saying Hitler.
Oh no its Hilter!
by SupremelyStupidMan April 4, 2021
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The guy that brings you much joy when playing CS:GO. He only buys the Negev and unpolitely refuses to buy anything else as you lose 14-16 against 4 bots
Ah man, Aldon Hilter is on my team again. He only buys the fucking Negev.
by CUCLOVER August 23, 2022
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a pimple between the nose and the upper lip
where hilter mustache is
gosh damn!! I hate hilter pimple
by darkshadowbella April 25, 2009
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This phrase referring to the notorious dictator, Hilter, or one of his characteristic personal images.

Further, this phrase being used to express a compared or a direck relationship between the object and Fascism or Hitler himself.
by come from Yahoo 知識家 October 22, 2009
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A ignorant cracker who idolize a murdering man who thought that his race was superior.
Dirty Little Hitler really thought that the white man was superior until he saw them niggas out doing them in every thing.

did you see that nigga blow pass dirty little hilter like he was standing still.
by A rightoue man March 26, 2010
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The act of time traveling to the year Hitler was born wearing a tuxedo that is too small. You then must kidnap baby Hitler and raise him as your own son. After years of caring for the child, you develop an attachment to him. You love your son, Hitler. On Hitler's 9th Birthday you get him an indigo blender. You convince Hitler to make apple cider using only green apples. While Hitler is blending the green apples you take his head and shove it into the blender, killing him slowly. Take the blender and time travel back to present time and fly to Minnesota. Walk into McDonald's with a tv you bought from across the street, and drink the apple cider while watching Family Feud.
Midwestern Hilter Apple Cider 360 Surprise
by RonRonson69 January 19, 2020
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