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1. Jewish term for someone who is not a Jew
2. Mormon term for someone who is not a Mormon.
Utah is the only place in the USA where Jews are considered gentiles.
by Rattus cattus November 16, 2006
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1) A person who is not Jewish

2) Someone with very little money i.e. poor.

3) Anyone who makes less than six figures a year.

4) A non-shapeshifter
-That guy can't even afford food!
-Figures, he is a gentile
by aktsepr March 26, 2010
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a term used by WASP intellectuals to denote non Jewish and non-Muslim monotheists, especially other Protestants.
The modern Western media IMHO doesn't seem to know that the word goy has 2 meanings, depending on who uses it and where: 1) when a Jew uses the term to speak to non-Jews, especially an educated WASP, he uses the term as a synonym for gentile. 2) when the term goy is used among and between Jews it often denotes a non-monotheist, i.e. an idol-worshiper.
by sexydimma December 07, 2013
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in English literature: use of the term to describe a common person who distinguishes themselves by going through the day without causing problems to those they interacted with publicly.
Joseph was proud of his Gentile nature, and carried himself in a manner that of a Nobleman even though his roots were clearly that of a peasant.
by Jackwagon March 05, 2012
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A biblical term for anyone who is a non Israelite. Slang used to describe white people. Often used by Kendrick Lamar in his music.
Big shot, hol' up, wait, peanut butter insides
No, outside, cocaine white, body look like Gentiles (Gentiles)
by THE_WEEGRO May 15, 2018
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Someone who is deeply unsatisfied with themselves and seeks to rectify this by being a predator towards all kinds of women.
Female 1: " Man, that guy was a total gentile towards me"
Female 2: "Yeah he looks like a total gentile"
by Ramraider July 18, 2010
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