kidding me, joking with me, deceiving me (a vulgar slang expression of profound disbelief)
Henry Kissinger confessed to being a war criminal.

No way! You gotta be shitting me!
by poemsbypam December 28, 2011
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Variant of "Fuck me" (exclamation, not invitation).
Shit me, i've got to go- i've parked on double yellow
by oracle March 13, 2004
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aussie slang for annoyed, mad or being pissed off
cant remember the status comment i was gonna write, its shits me

kids just wont listen, they shit me

stop annoying me, yr giving me the shits
by shaggyist July 25, 2010
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kiddin me, used when some one something you absouletly disagree with
person 1:Check My foot work, check my foot work, ye ain't got these
(ugly tore up filas)
person 2: Shit me, ain't nobody want those
by Jessica boots boots March 9, 2006
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A more extreme way of saying "Are you kidding me?" This phrase is commonly used to express doubt, surprise, and sometimes displeasure.
Teacher: You got 56% on the Math final.
Student: Are you shitting me?
by amc91 April 25, 2006
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"Man, don't jump out like that, you proper shit me up!"
by ArchATE June 23, 2019
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