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A clever way of simultaneously naming a person and making refrence to their inadequacy of hip culture. Important to say "lue" loud, and "last name zer" under your breath.
Tim: "Lets get going before we miss the bus"
Doug: "Ha Wesssssst Siiiiiiide! ha"
Tim: "Hurry UP LUE!.... last name zer"

(lue + zer = loser)
by M Dogg March 20, 2005
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No, No, No! You're all wrong. A Lincoln Log is when you drop a loaf that's so big and solid that it by itself (without any t.p.) can plug the toilet. if the toilet doesnt plug then it's not a Lincoln Log. Officially it has to be one of those high pressure flushing public bathroom toilets for it to be a real Lincoln Log. You know, those toilets that flush with the sound of a jet taking off. Ever since my good friend Big Head Ed introduced eating regular fiber in his diet nobody has been able to create real Lincoln Logs, so out of traditional honour the standard has dropped to any type of toilet. And please people, lets capitalize the words Lincoln Log. Show some respect for its glory!
Mike: "AH! Yuck, somebody passed a smelly ol' Lincoln Log in this public washroom!"
Albert: "I kind of like that smell"
Other person in the washroom: "That's gross!"
by M Dogg March 25, 2005
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A music group that didn't accomplish much more then inspire an amazing band called Creed that ended up rocking Saskatoon radio for a good 5 years with the same song.
Mike: Is this Pearl Jam?
Albert: This band fucking sucks and sounds nothing like Pearl Jam.
by M Dogg July 11, 2005
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Eddie = E.D. = Erectile Dysfunction
Vedder = Small Balls

To be called Eddie Vedder is to be called "Man with Erectile Dysfunction that has small balls."

*************AT LEVI'S HOUSE********************

Prostitute: LOL!!! You have E.D. and Small Balls.

Levi: I may be an Eddie Vedder, but I also have $60, and you have a coke habit. So to quote 50 Cent, "Clothes Off - Face Down - Ass Up."
by M Dogg August 18, 2006
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To reject pop culture by doing something equally as mainstream and trendy. Makes sence hey? Apparently i am too wise to understand it. I am also loved by all women. At least i am in my neurological processes of recognition and interpretation of this life.

Mike: Ladies, lets take a moment away from talking about how successful I am to contemplate what drugs one would need to abuse in order to blur their judgment enough to dress and act like that emo kid.

Group of ladies: Who is this guy that is leaning at the shooter bar and talking to us.

Girl #1: I don't know but he is talking about your emo boyfriend.

Girl #2: Lets kick his ass! He looks like he could get his ass kicked by a girl.

Girl #3: Why has he been trolling the shooter bar all night?

Girl #4: I don't know, he does that most nights, and he is usually here alone.
by M Dogg August 16, 2006
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To expel air and bitumen from the lungs suddenly and noisily, often to keep the respiratory passages free of irritating material.
Tammy: Oorf! Horf! Aorfff!
Roddy: Is she dieing?
Abe: No, that's just the Fort Mac Hack.
Tammy: My breath registers at 87 octane.
by M Dogg July 11, 2005
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