Something that is able to be found on the popular Internet search engine Google.
Mrs. Kim's husband is googleable.
by Lisa November 13, 2004
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You have ranked well with the search engines and can be found online. This is especially true if you appear on the first page of
My name is googleable!
by Ivan A Sumin September 27, 2013
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v. Something which you may wish to search for on Google, or any search engine
"Try to find his email address"
"It doesn't seem to be googleable"
by CharlotteSell September 4, 2008
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Any form of information or idea that can be sufficiently compressed into search terms via Google, such that the results yield contextually appropriate hits.
by Kristian Hermansen July 14, 2006
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Basically any internet venture, be it idea, website, service or anything else generally related to IT that is popular or innovative enough to have the potential to be bought out by Google inc. and be assimilated as a googlet.

One cannot always predict what is googleable or not. But if it sounds like a good enough idea, one can bet google wants it.
youtube, blogger, feedburner, doubleclick, even fucking adsense and the famous google maps.


Bob: omg guyz i think i just had a googleable!!!1123
uberunderdarklord1985: zomg quickly buy the domain name
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir January 19, 2009
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An adjective describing a person with a name unique enough to identify only them (or them and a minute number of other people) when it is entered into a search engine. Ironically, a person's name can be said to be googleable even if they cannot actually be found on any internet sites.
Man, there's no way John Smith is googleable. But Zippy McGillicuddy? He's googleable.
by Ed Gunther January 5, 2007
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The ability of a Google search to find web pages for the person being searched.

Profesional, personal or social networking web pages will be pages listed in the search.
The googleability of her name makes it easy to find her My Space web pages.
by B. Foster April 28, 2008
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