Home field of the Boston Red Sox. Its tiny, anicent, and smells of beer and urine, but Sox fans wouldn't have it any other way.
by JakeStar July 16, 2005
The Red Sox's home park. Located in Boston, MA. Small but it is HOME. With the green giant, hell yeah! GO SOX!

(ahem...YANKEES or shall i say SKANKEES SUCK!)
I'm going to fenway for the game tonight, i'll get a fenway frank, and sit in the grandstands, but i can still see Wolly!
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
an old piece of shit...with a puke-green monster.
Yankee Stadium has it all: 26 world championships, monument park, babe ruth, lou gehrig and much more. Fenway Park has really overpriced seats.
by red sox are gay June 18, 2005
A charming little green space somewhere in a provincial little town somewhere in Massachusetts. Home of some overpaid team called the Red Sox that I haven't heard of.
Red Sox fans like to eat Fenway franks because it's good practice for smoking the white owl.
A place in a man's mind completely devoid of sexual connotation. The image of this place is used to talk oneself down from an erection. When a man is in a public place and threatened with the onset of an erection, a Code Red is sounded in his mind. There has to be — ever at the ready — a place where his mind goes to that has nothing at all to do with sex. The place has to be familiar and engaging. The attributes of the scene can be as various as each man is unique. The most successful scenes are those so deeply non-sexual that it is nearly certain that no sexual associations can be made. It takes focus, but with some self-control, a man can usually get his shit together before his arousal becomes evident to the outside world.
Hitting a home run over the Green Monster: it's my Fenway Park. The crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd, the bright lights, perfectly manicured grass...
by Ae5Ea8 April 5, 2015
The home baseball stadium for the Boston Red Sox that is awkward for the following reasons: it features diminutive six-foot high dugouts, the only manual auxilary scoreboard in professional sports, a foul pole that resides in the middle of right field (nicknamed Pesky Pole in the 1950's), a giant green wall that resides in the middle of left field (nicknamed The Green Monster in 1947), stadium seats hanging over a Boston street (Lansdowne Street), and a bullpen in center field that is accessible to outfielders during play because of its short wall.

If ballparks were golf courses, Fenway Park would be a miniature golf course.
Red Sox fans love Fenway Park because it's almost as awkward as them . . . almost.
by Ereck Flowers December 25, 2010
vicky's a fenway man, not everyguy on earth has been there, but alot of guys from around here have.
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004