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An arcade game frequented by people who look like they normally couldn't dance. DDR is--in fact--a form of dance (more or less). The arrows which guide the dancer in their steps face the four cardinal directions and can be stepped upon in numerous combinations of patterns. The key to the game is timing on the techno beat of your song of choice. Some of the most popular songs include: "Dam Dariam", "Butterfly", and "Healing Vision". Excellent dancers are known as "maniacs" and their dance performances reflect that title. Although originally intended for use in Japan, Americans secretly exported these DDR machines into their country until the game manufacturer, Konami, declared that exportation of DDR machines would be declared legal. If you play too much DDR, you will see arrows in your head every time you close your eyes over the course of the hour following gameplay.
Dance Dance Revolution is by far the greatest arcade game ever!
by Arrow May 08, 2003

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Ittie Bittie Tittie Commitee
Not Only Is She A Memeber Of The I.B.T.C.,
But She Is Also The Presedent.
by Arrow April 24, 2004

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The language tools provided on the google website for translating foreign languages. Has the innate ability to turn even the most coherent sentence into a pile of festering illiterate shit
Before GT
"You rescued me, but it appears that general grievous has escaped again"

After GT
"It stored it, but this one appears like this one, consequently which has it fuoriuscito the painful General per other hour"
by Arrow August 01, 2005

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1. When followed by the suffix "Runner," this term describes a popular website inhabited by Trogdor, The Cheat, and the Poopsmith, among others.
2. Suffix-less, this term describes a puffy, white, speech-impaired menace who is the arch-enemy of Strong Bad although he is too oblivious to even notice.
3. Also, one who likes to look at a thing in a bag.
1. HomestarRunner.com just added a great new short called "Tenn Girl Squad."
2. Homestar asked The Cheat to do his taxes.
3. What a Homestar--- thinking there was some thing in that bag!
by Arrow May 08, 2003

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a sudden wave of noobs joining your server and making the game suck/lag with their crapness
1337_player: AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! the server is full of NOOOOOOOOOOOBS!!
by Arrow January 10, 2005

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A blow. (No, seriously you morons, that's what the real definition is)
The man suffered a dunt to the head from a baseball bat.
by Arrow September 13, 2003

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A Man.
...with big ears.

What, you want more? Fine then, he's also the bast who rules Britain
Tony Blair, second only to Thanet in being rammed up the arse end of Britain
by Arrow January 10, 2005

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