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The idiots who define people's names on Urban Dictionary. Despite the fact that it clearly states you shouldn't define people's names, the submissions page is filled with many from these people. Usually the same people who can "hack" Wikipedia by hitting the edit button. Usually high school aged children in elementary school.
Urban Dictionary needs a filter for Cretin trolls.
by Tyler Menezes October 25, 2007
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Google's free service to produce random sentences in the language of your choosing. Google translator is intended for the usage of business professionals who need to generate placeholder text in different languages.
Before Google Translator: Hello, how are you?
After Google Translator: Hello and I am you are I are?
by Tyler Menezes October 25, 2007
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Adaptive Pie Interface. Used by various sites to interact with their pie servers. Urban Dictionary, for example, has created APIs so that developers with no pie servers of their own my serve pies to customers at low rates.
$urb = new Urban::API;
$bill = $urn->I'llTakeTheBill;
by Tyler Menezes October 25, 2007
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