1. An attractive naif, who has been enticed by others to do illegal or immoral actions, believing that they are legal or moral.

2. One who pretends that she has information that would 'rat out' those higher than her, then takes the fall when she is granted immunity.


1. The act of covering up for others, once you are in the clear.
1. "She really believed that the laws didn't apply to her. What a goodling!"

2. "Her lawyer got her immunity, and then she said she was the one who killed JFK and kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. What a goodling!"

3. When Congress started to cross-examine her, it was obvious that she was goodling."
by John Berger May 25, 2007
A large soup spoon. Usually used to serve a large amount of people.
Give me the goodle, and I'll serve you some soup!
by jndjhoijnfd December 26, 2011
When you happen to misspell google and type in goodle. You realize the huge mistake that you just made, unless you happened to be looking for a sexual partner.
Dude, I'm desperate, guess i got no choice but goodle.
by Thegoodler December 27, 2011
good and simple.

a very effective humour technique.
wentworth: wassup kiddo?
timmy: hey man. im good yeah, did you meet ellie today?
wentworth: no way! shes smelly.
timmy: haha, dude you make me laugh with goodle gags like that.
by Yourm Um October 13, 2005
a typin error made at 4 18 in the morning when trying to find 14 shades of gray
dude did u see that guys goodle... gross dude!
by cack September 1, 2003
noun: a male "gunt". See also "gock"
He's got a fat goodle.
by breivegan August 13, 2003