A nasty bi-sexual man whore with STD's who only wears man thongs.
"Damn, that nigga be a fuckin goodle."
by Stacey and Kendall May 3, 2004
When a guy keeps his cum in a pot by his bed.
oh my god! have you seen Sam Olivers Goodle.
by Asp April 25, 2003
The act of googling a doodle, more often than not it's related to anime.
That looks amazing, give me a second and I'll quickly Goodle that
by Goldfishi July 26, 2018
a rubber duck with aromatic smell (usually lavender)
it was realy cute when my bf gave me a gubber goodle as a valentine gift.
by zhubho12 May 8, 2010
Abbreviation for “good noodle.” A goodle is someone who is well-meaning and well-behaved. They have their shit together.
I got all my stuff done today! Goodle status!
by Goodle joo dee April 11, 2021
It's like Google, but better.
Can I search it in Goodle?
Sure, you can Goodle it
by Nyx, you builder June 30, 2022