A large soup spoon. Usually used to serve a large amount of people.
Give me the goodle, and I'll serve you some soup!
by jndjhoijnfd December 26, 2011
good and simple.

a very effective humour technique.
wentworth: wassup kiddo?
timmy: hey man. im good yeah, did you meet ellie today?
wentworth: no way! shes smelly.
timmy: haha, dude you make me laugh with goodle gags like that.
by Yourm Um October 13, 2005
a typin error made at 4 18 in the morning when trying to find 14 shades of gray
dude did u see that guys goodle... gross dude!
by cack September 1, 2003
noun: a male "gunt". See also "gock"
He's got a fat goodle.
by breivegan August 13, 2003
A nasty bi-sexual man whore with STD's who only wears man thongs.
"Damn, that nigga be a fuckin goodle."
by Stacey and Kendall May 3, 2004
When a guy keeps his cum in a pot by his bed.
oh my god! have you seen Sam Olivers Goodle.
by Asp April 25, 2003