Also this word means No thanks when one says I am good to and idea or suggestion that is proposed to him or her by someone regardless of what they are suggesting or talking about , so it can be used as an answer meaning I don't want to do it thank you either for a reason or for no particular reason
question : why don't you come over our house tonight

Answer : no thanks I am good
by Caretaker1960 June 10, 2017
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Okay, I’ve fixed my broken life, gone clean from addiction, fixed my self esteem, have a hot girlfriend, and am living independently.
I now pronounce to myself that “I am a good man.”

And this good man can’t wait to get a good fuck in on his good girlfriend.
by Bad C dev February 23, 2023
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You won! I am good on you. I am not investing anymore time in this situation/ situation-ship/relationship…you played yourself
Let’s talk about the situation?

I am Good on you. You tired it!
by I am Good on you September 9, 2023
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