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Usually brunette, often found in the most comfortable clothes reading a book. Elenor is a rare species, the reasoning for this is the forgotten A within the name.Elenor's are diverse they sometimes think like boys. Elenor's are outgoing but like to be alone.Elenor's are caring people, they are loyal and generous. Some Elenor's are even fangirls! The name Elenor means the light of the world so they don't need sleep. They have a knack for helping others and believe that maybe there really is a brighter future. Elenor is a complete badass.
Elenor is such a fangirl. I know but have you talked to her she is so nice.

Elenor is such a badass wearing leather like that.

Elenor was playing basketball today, we started talking about cars!
by noheavyhearts March 03, 2014
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