Serious eating disorder involving an obsessive need to loose weight and a distorted body image. People with this disorder binge eat and then take steps to ovoid gaining weight. Such as vomiting, excessive exercise, or fasting. Can be life-threatening from heart failure. Side effects include tooth decay and staining, inflammation of esophagus from frequent vomiting and electrolyte imbalances that cause heart failure. People with bulimia are often a normal weight to slightly overweight. Also called Bulimia Nervosa.
(Bulimia as an inner voice:)
Rue: I haven't eaten in two days. I think all just have a snack.
Bulimia: You should eat as much as possible.

Rue: After eating all of that, I feel awful.
Bulimia: You should feel awful. Go vomit it all up so you don't gain weight.
by Hope this helped January 7, 2017
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Bulimia Nervosa, an eating disorder where people (usually females) engage in activities such as self-induced vomiting, compulsive exercise or laxative/diuretic abuse after a "binge" (consuming excessive amounts of food at one time)

Health risks include

electrolyte imbalances
tearing of the esophogus
internal bleeding
vitamin deficiency
hair loss
lowered body tempature
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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basically, the only true staple is that we binge, then purge in some way after - be it vomiting(which can be done MANY different ways), starving or exercising aggressively after or taking things like laxatives and diuretics.

i would have added bad body image to that, but some people who are not bulimic or anorexic have problems with their images too

everything else changes for every person.
we all have different causes, triggers, binge foods and amounts.
also, not all bulimics and anorexics are skinny. it could be the 300 pound mom, the teenage boy with a little extra chub or it could be the bony 11 year old in grade 5.
bulimia does not discriminate against weight, age, gender, class or race
usually depression goes along with bulimia, whether your depressed when its starts, or after you realize your in too deep.
by omgiseeacloud September 4, 2008
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A mental disease that effects both girls and boys, people often think of eating disorders only effecting teenage girls but this is very false. Bulimia can effect both girls and boys of all ages. Bulimia is when someone binges, over eats to an EXTREME and then purges in some way. Usually self-induced vomiting, but also over exercising, fasting, or using laxatives. Bulimia is an addiction, and is different from anorexia because it's not always about losing weight or getting thin. It's a coping mechanism as well, and usually bulimics are a normal weight, or sometimes even over weight. It's a very serious disease that eventually WILL be fatal if not stopped. Treatment is often necessary, but not always.
"I think Jill is bulimic, she always goes to the bathroom after meals"
"Not necessarily, she doesn't seem to over eat too much which is a big bulimia symptom."
by Daniella Corlioni April 7, 2010
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bulimia is an eating disorder kind of like anorexia but its where (mostly females) eat excessive amounts of food and make themselves vomit later. Most people think that this is a way of having self control and they can enjoy the food when they eat it, but then they throw it up later sp that they don't get fat. Bulimia is a very serious eating disorder and it is not all physical, most of it is a state of mind where girls have a fear of getting fat and in most cases(like mine)they take it waay too far.
She has been in rehab for several weeks because she has bulimia.
by BulimicBeautyQueen August 31, 2004
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An eating disorder, common especially among young women of normal or nearly normal weight, that is characterized by episodic binge eating and followed by feelings of guilt, depression, and self-condemnation. It is often associated with measures taken to prevent weight gain, such as self-induced vomiting, the use of laxatives, dieting, or fasting.
Susan used to weight 150 pounds and after she lost 100 pounds she became skinnier than normal average weight of average and started having bulimia after losing all that weight.
by Patricia Ann Knight July 8, 2006
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Twice the taste with none of the calories.
Do you need to lose stubborn belly fat but you love food too much to diet?
Well, have we got a solution for you!
The only logical answer, kids, is bulimia!
by Sari Othello March 23, 2007
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