Darrien is a really sweet guy ,if you get the choice you should date a darrien because Darrien's are amazing
I wish I could date a Darrien
by i love people August 17, 2014
A really loving and caring guy. He does everything you tell him. And he is handsome guy. If you don't already have a Darrien then you are missing out.
"I wish that I had a Darrien!"
by K(k(,( October 31, 2021
A nice guy who helps his friends probably mixed or lightskined and is decent sports player if you meet darrien be his friend
Darrien is a good friend
by Daru_Senju June 22, 2020
Darrien is a talented basketball player who only tends to shoot because he’s weak and can’t drive
Is that darrien damn that kid is raw
by Adonis495 May 20, 2020
Darrien is reallly pretty girl , helluh fun and chill . Shes nice , always happy , & outgoing . She really smart but has her blonde moments d anloves to hang out with her friends :D she is the best friend any could have ! (:

shes not a follower & doesnt care what people think about her. so , if you dont like her , SUCK A DICK (:

Its pronounced , dar-re-in (:
awww , I want to be friends with darrien , she seems helluh awesome ! :D
pretty fun chill friend awesome
by asdfghjkl:D December 9, 2009
A Darrien is always a guy who breaks girls hearts and has his arm around his “ Cousin” and dates girls in lower grades . he’s so ugly , and mostly darrien’s play football and dated many girls and tries to get with girls that the first letter m in there name and A for the first letter . darrien’s mostly have curly hair and are light skin and sometimes wear glasses , and finally breaks girls hearts and wins them back because the girls hearts he breaks are dumb as hell
Me : Wow who is that guy

Madi or Alyse : Oh don’t mess with him he breaks your heart his name is Darrien

Me : Oh that’s sucks
by AnonymousGirlOrOne September 30, 2019
When you leave a discord call to jerk off to hentai than fall asleep right after
*oh they left the chat quickly, probably pulling a darrien*
by treebreath January 26, 2021