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1.verb. Nocternal urination, bed-wetting
2.noun. One who urinates whilw sleeping.
1.Don't let him sleep there, he'll Lefford the couch.
2.No, he can not sleep in my room, he's a lefford
by duce April 10, 2003

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ex marine, uptight prick bastard, mustache looks like dirty sanchez(look it up), lying, cheating, back stabbing, son of a bastard, splat splat man, jonny bravo lookin motherfucker, dirty douche bag, sucks his own cock... and then some!
I fuckin hate my boss he is a real nicco momma!
by duce March 11, 2004

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a special price on something; a second price on an item your going to purchase.
"what is the good guy price?"
by duce April 29, 2004

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The member Swert from BZPower.com.
I think it pretty much explains itself.
by Duce January 24, 2005

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