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Not just a win, but a win of the most epic proportions. Originated from Flyntologists during the first holy Texmas, it is named after Flyntologist Lord and Savior Jeff Goldblum. Not to be capitalized, as it is not used as a proper noun.

Antonym: Brundle
Amy is the best friend I've ever had. Friend goldblum.
by the sloze. September 12, 2010
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To be raped after a breaking and entering. Either commited by street thugs or in prison. the term was coined from 1974's classic film Death Wish where jeff Goldblum rapes the main characters daughter.
Cory: yo man

Friend: what?
Cory: dont go in your cell man theyll goldblum your ass.
by Chris Dolmeph June 18, 2018
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To sneakily attack someone using only your fingers or a long object. Because Jeff Goldblum has creepy, unusually long fingers.
I'm gonna Goldblum Jack with a french fry when he goes to sleep.
by xsuntheweezerx September 24, 2015
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