20 definitions by the tweaker

The absolute bottom of the hustler totem pole.The pettiest,shadiest,most scandalous and least respected motherfucker on the block who has no skills and must desperately scramble to be in the right place at the right time just to get to dig the change and lint out of a motherfuckers pockets.Usually a lush or a crackhead past his prime.Not above sucking dick for nickel hits or digging the alluminum cans outta dumpsters for recycling change.
by the tweaker February 18, 2004
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Any plastic "zip-loc" container used to seal up and seperate product for sale.Cleat "jewelry" bags or with trademarks or designs.
After all the weed was divided up into nickel sized baggies,and the coke into quarter gram baggies,Igor hit the corner to get his ends.
by the tweaker February 16, 2004
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Another word for thongs, from the thongs tendency to slice a turd in half when some drunk ho shits herself.
My shorty always be rockin them turdsplitters.
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
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A small glass tube with a plastic lower inside sold at gas stations bought solely for the purpose of making a crackpipe.The flower is thrown away and a wad of mesh,usually copper pot scrubber is stuffed in one end.
I just hang out at the dope hole with my stem and catch smokers on the way out and smoke for free because they dont have the balls to carry a pipe on them.
by the tweaker February 16, 2004
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Someone (you know you are a liar if you say you dont) who is always sure to look down into the toilet before they flush their shit down.Probably because humans deep down inside expect the bowl to be completely full one day.
Were just four wild and crazy guys a' turd lookin'.
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
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That U.S. President that started the very first version of the IRS,freed the slaves,started the civil war,and jumped out of a window with his dick in his hand.
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
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