ex..omg its cold out feel my hand (put hand on neck)
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
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When the thingamajig is in the hand -or- the hand is in the thingamajig, but the thingamajig is not in the thingamajig
Timberlake dude's action with Janet Jackson was merely a flirtation, dude.
by Cosmicstargoat February 10, 2004
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A convoluted status game played by women who want to select a mate who is as predatory as possible.
By the end of the 21st century, the dominance of technical fields limited most economic opportunities to autism-spectrum personality types. This would force women to become more direct with romantic communication and largely dispense with the process of flirtation, as they found that all men with the ability to hold down a job had no ability to pick up on their subtle hints that they might want to be asked to dinner.
by clasticknack April 19, 2021
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When professors hit on their students in a non-creepy way, implying that they admire their spunk and hard-work and their students flirt back.
"What are you two doing wrong this time?" said Dr. Paul
"Nothing, we never mess up." his students said.

Dr. Paul walked away.

"Its so weird, he picks on us all the time. Its like academic flirtation."
by Morgisha March 5, 2010
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When a person spins in a circle in a flirtatious manner. Not to be confused with flirtation rotation.
Me: Hey, you like my outfit? *le twirl*

Every boy ever: Quit doing the rotation flirtation, I don't like you.
by rawrrawrdinosaurz November 22, 2011
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A person you flirt with just for fun; keeps you "afloat" in the dating world.
Oh it's not a serious relationship. He's just a flirtation device.
by LNHL December 19, 2016
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To have absolutely no contact with a pervert, whom only imagines said flirtation did indeed take place.
I have never talked to this guy on Facebook, in my entire life, but he thinks my total lack of communication was a passive-flirtation.
by PKJ February 22, 2008
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