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A long predicted boson, comprised of three quarks (like neutrons and protons) created when two protons are smashed togethed just under the speed of light. This was finally accomplished in a particle accelerator between Switzerland and France, known as the Large Hadron Collider. Although created by two protons, the mass of the god particle is hundreds of times the mass of a proton. You are probably wondering "how is this so", seeing as though mass is neither created or destroyed. In fact, mass can be "created" by sacrificing an amount of energy given by Einsteins famous equation e=mc^2. The kinetic energy (speed) of the protons is converted into the extra mass of the god particle. The god particle's namesake comes from the fact that it supposedly gives mass to all other particles. However, I for one find this difficult to accept. After all, nothing can cause itself to exist. Such a thing would be timeless and immutable, and would therefore have no reason to interact with anything else. Quite to the contrary; it has been proven than every part of our universe interacts with every other, to the point where it is impossible to look at any one part in isolation. Instead, we must look at systems of interaction and interdependence. The fact of the matter is, how could the god particle give itself mass?
In other news, the world-renowned "Stephen Hawking" bets that one day the god particle will be responsible for the end of the universe. Apparently, it'll cause some kinda spacial vacuum to spread in all directions at the speed of light until is consumes everything.I've got a problem with that, too. How could a vacuum traveling at the speed of light catch up and annihilate a photon traveling away from the source at the speed of light? I probably don't understand it correctly. Or maybe no one understands it correctly.

All in all, the higgs boson AKA 'god particle" was a relatively uninteresting discovery with little hold on real life, just like the rest of quantum physics. The only reason it is well known is because of it's controversial name.
Why the fuck did you look up god particle on Urban Dictionary?
by Dune define July 12, 2015
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A particle that is obtained after colliding two hydrogen atoms traveling at a speed of light. It is believed that this particle played a key role in formation of our universe at the moment of the big bang.

If this particle is obtained here on earth and it's properties can be measured and recorded, scientists will be able to explain how the universe works! A giant atom collider in France is trying to do just that!
-Man, look at those two silly atoms going towards each other so fast! Can't wait to see what happens when they hit head on!

-Yeah, hopefully we can get the God Particle out of the atoms' remains...
by HolyNotes February 04, 2010
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A particle that has evaded the scientists at Geneva. No one knows what it is because no one has seen it.
Scientist: This LHC is shit, I cannot find the fabled God Particle.
by TeddyRobbear September 15, 2011
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