stands for the Large Hadron Collider

a huge partical accelerator located in Europe
dude1: "OMG we are going to die tomorrow!!"
dude2: "What the hell are you talking about??"
dude1: "The LHC is going to be switched on."
dude2: "STFU stupid idiot face."
by Kelish September 9, 2008
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The name of a very very famous band located in China.
Nobody knows what LHC stands for.
Did u see LHC's gig? It was fucking awesome.

Dude 1: What the fuck does LHC stand for?
Dude 2: Lesbians Have Cocks
Dude 3: WTF, U suck, it's Lions Hate China
Dude 1: Whatever... They are fucking awesome
by whoisthis? January 8, 2009
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An acronym for Large Hedron Collider: the world's largest and highest energy particle accelerator. It is operated by CERN and located in Geneva, sharing the French and Switzerland border. At maximum power, it will collide protons at 7 TeV per particle. The intent is to recreate the "BIG BANG", attempt to find the Higgs boson, identify other dimensions, and obtain a better understanding of the Universe. The project broke down twice, but may be restarted in the winter of 2010.
Hey bro, I heard about this thing. Is this why the Mayan calendar stops on December 21, 2012??? Dood, the LHC is known for creating black holes. Is that risk and all this money worth trying to find the Higgs boson? I don't know. The LHC has never been at full or even half power. At full power it might create a black hole that swallows France, or the entire earth. So yeah you might be right about the world's end. Well considering its power and the black holes, is time travel possible if they stabilize a worm hole? With enough energy yes. It's possible. Why don't we build a LHC like Europe? We did. It's at Fermilab, close to Chicago, but it's noob in comparison at half the size.
by End Times August 13, 2009
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LHC aka V3idaniel Daqwinski. Born on the streets of Chicago, he had his perfect opportunity of a lifetime when he met Uncouples his next victim. so he nonced on him because his fake eGirl Addison cheated on him because of his absence shrimp peen. even tho coupies was 11 that didn’t stop him from wanted to penetrate his anus. his pedophilia caused him to have crippling diarrhoea. his eyes brows that looks like boomerangs help him prey on his next victim.
LHC is cute.
by Vertaci October 13, 2021
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LHC is an acronym for ‘Lesbian Haircut’ which refers to the short haircut lots of lesbian women sport
“Look at Halia’s LHC, bet her mom cut it
by Stan winwin June 21, 2019
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Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

One of the hottest cities in North America; boasting 350 sunny days per year.
Very popular vacation spot in the winter for people all over the country
LHC's heat makes bitches take their clothes off.
by Dave2099 August 3, 2007
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The best collecting group in dublin as they have the best fires
Lhc run eh
by Dublin city council November 3, 2022
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