The politically correct term for a person of small stature. See also: gnome
"Hey look a Midget"
"They prefer to be called Goblins now"
by RJ Bozman December 08, 2007
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when someone sticks the entire length of the penis and balls in there mouth while sucking a cock
wow i never new suzy was a goblin girl
by gfunite January 21, 2008
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a sister-fisting motherfucker
inbred family fucker
redneck hick
a gay kid

goblin is a queer and a half
goblin fists his sister.
goblin is not a cool guy.
goblin is an inbred hick texan
by S&F July 08, 2004
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A short, thin, hunched, and highly intelligent Kobalic creature. Goblins are normally peaceful and quite wise, but can turn savage if enslaved or engaged in war. Tolkien seems to think they're always that way, but I think he just had a little run-in with one when he was a kid. That could've been in the First Age of Middle Earth for all I know.

Goblins are sworn enemies of Dwarves, perhaps for their shared love of gold and treasure.
Ludo sat nervously at the table with the Goblins, trying to get an extension. Then one of them decided to show him the seriousness of his debt by pulling out a hammer and a plastic bag with two grapes in it.
by Melanie October 10, 2003
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The opposite of a troll...instead of posting mindless things goblins over use logic and reason in their posts
Troll #1-This is now a pony thread
Troll #2-posts Spirit
Goblin #25-Spirit is not actually a pony refers to a horse that is small or under a certian age...it also refers to a league of baseball and in Full Metal Panic is the catch phrase of the Pedopony

Troll#3-Posts hentai version of Rainbow Dash
by Agreatninjatroll June 10, 2011
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A man who acts sneaky and plays tricks on his own family.

Tendencies include:

-Mumbling to self
-Chuckling to self.
-Stashing chocolate, crisps and electric toothbrush heads in own secret locked cupboard.
-Excessive use of possessive nouns eg. where are "MY" nail clippers, Who's taken "MY" wratchet, Who's seen "MY" Hoover?
-Usually a Bike/Golf/Stamp/LARPING/WOW/Vegetable Raising Fanatic.
-Reads Old Bike Mart

Physical Traits-

-Spikey or hook like nose.
-Cheeky grin
-Whispy hair.

Also can be called Goblinos. Mexican.

Dude, my dad just stayed up all night watching Chop Shop and ate all my easter egg. He's a frigging goblin.

by huffikhkhhbjbkhh December 26, 2008
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