An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka and monster, when drank the stimulant of the caffeine fights against the depressant of the alcohol to create an intense buzz.
"Man that goblin had me shit faced last night"
by Poontang July 17, 2014
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The vile shit that one takes the morning after consuming a large amount of alcohol the night before. Usually occurs before or instead of vomiting during a hang over. Also happens 99% of the time after drinking 4loko.
Liza: "Hey guys, this is kinda vulgar, but I cant stop shitting after sippin' on the 4lokos last night."
Joe: "Yeah no shit ya prick, its called shitting out a goblin. Hehehe"
by 4lokoPrincess October 06, 2010
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A woman of short stature, who dresses as a slut, and is insane (redundant, all women are insane).
Nicole "Snooki" on Jersey Shores.
"Snooki is a cross between a goblin and another goblin" -Dan O'Brien
by Pip-alicious January 10, 2010
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To describe the locals from the Portsmouth area, the lowest of the low
'Look at them fat goblins in the crop tops'
by Sugababes February 08, 2014
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Goblin is, A person of higher rank,authority.
someone who has more power, money, respect, smarts.
by 7713 August 27, 2008
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Is like a kingpin, he the boss, he doesn't do the dirty work he gets goons to do it.
by dabestthug June 20, 2009
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A creature that re-emerges after long periods of hiberation. Invites long ignored acquaintances for social engagements mainly on the golf course.
The reason for hiberation is uncertain. It is either due to being (happily) stuck under a large thumb for several years or due to having spent 18 months finishing a fucking road race of approximately 26 miles. Slow cunt. See 'RUFUS?'
Fuck me, look at that slow goblin cunt, he's 2 fucking miles behind the spastic with no fucking legs. 3 months from now when he reaches the finishing line, he'll be looking for a game of golf. The cunt.
by Andrew Mathieson Cheater May 13, 2005
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