A enthusiastic woman who is not scared to suck dick;a ravonous dick sucker.
Boy it must be halloween cuz i saw kim and she started a goblin
by D.Jizzle November 08, 2005
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Any male who is shorter than his wife or girlfriend.
ie- Tom Cruise has been a Goblin 3X over and most recently with Katie Holmes
by Vesc February 05, 2010
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1) An unruly child.

2) Any child that has not learned manners or ettiquette, especially a newborn baby.
"Did you hear that my sister popped a goblin?"

"Really? Now there's going to be a goblin running around her house! Ha ha! You are an uncle!"
by sam ward May 27, 2007
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An old Tyler The Creator album released in 2011 and made way back in the Odd Future days. Tyler’s most offensive album and probably one of the most offensive music albums of all time. Talks about cannibalism, necrophilia, suicide, devil worshippers, and more!

Don’t show this album to people who only listened to IGOR and Flower Boy and think Tyler is the most wholesome and non-offensive person ever.
Guy 1 (naive): “Wow, IGOR and Flower Boy was great, I bet the rest of Ty’s albums are as aesthetic and as cute as they are! I’m going to listen to all of them right now!”

Guy 2: “BAHAHA, oh my god. You think his other albums and songs are all rainbows and unicorns? Wait ‘til you get to Goblin”
by nlolhere July 20, 2020
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Goblin is a created fictional character that was created for an excuse when getting caught doing something.
Man 1: Hey did you tap me?
Man 2: No it was Goblin
by L1v3r5p0t5 October 06, 2006
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