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The part of a man's hanging ball sack that shows when you moon someone.
Is referred to as a person/pet.
Man 1: Hey man, do you wanna meet the goblin?
Man 2: Uhhhh sure
Man 1: (pulls down pants and moons Man 2)
Man 2: Douche

Man 1: Hey doucher, quit dicking around or I'll show you the goblin.
Man 2: I'm a huge tool and fail at life and Xbox.
Man 1: Alright, I warned you (moons Man 2)
by Dub Ard September 09, 2009
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A small, ninety-five pound, genital-less, man-like creature that with his scrawny body annoys the fuck out of humans when they try to sleep. His antics last a few hours in the night, and consist of stealing your pillows and blankets. Also, if you fight back he goes for the eyes.
Me: *tying to sleep*
The Goblin: "THE GOBLIN!!!!!"
by tractorandababy January 01, 2013
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