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This rug, which is 2x3 feet, is 1 square social distance.
by Pialinist August 14, 2020
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366 days of Absolute Trainwreck. Wait, scratch trainwreck. What's bigger than a train? A cruise ship! It's like a cruise ship ran into another cruise ship, pushing them into another cruise ship, and so on and so on, like dominoes. It's like 27 cruise ships piled on top of each other in a blazing, smoking mess of twisted metal. With all sorts of people bailing out in those little round life preservers. Add a global pandemic to the mix and you've got that times 10000000000.
2020 Expectations vs Reality:
Expectation: Yay!!!!!!!
Reality: Cruise ship wreck!!!!!!!
by Pialinist June 22, 2020
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A state of wanting to return back to normal life as we knew it 6 months ago and prior. Basically implying that we want social distancing to die (aka we want to not have to worry about it), therefore, social DIEstancing.
*Me in my dreams* I’m going to go out and practice some social diestancing.
by Pialinist September 8, 2020
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A Karen who can’t get their act together during a pandemic and wear a FRIGGIN mask, because “iT tAkEs AwAy My FrEeDoM”
Shut up, stop being an anti masker, and wear a FRIGGIN mask. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk :)
by Pialinist September 1, 2020
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The ultimate source for giving in to cravings and the reason why I've been eating like literal crap lately.
That moment when you've been ordering way too much Doordash so you make a pact to yourself to not order for the rest of the month... and then you realize it's the shortest month of the year anyway so before you know it it's going to be back to the Doordashing-till-you-Drop.
by Pialinist February 10, 2022
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What Karens seem to think putting on a mask when they go out during a pandemic is.
Karen: I refuse to wear a mask!!!!
A genius: Shut up, Karen. Put on a daRn mask. It’s not rocket science.
by Pialinist July 6, 2020
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Someone who asks to speak to the manager and refuses to wear a mask.
Karen: Can I speak to your manager about this mask wearing policy????
by Pialinist July 11, 2020
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