Last night I hooked up with two chicks and got into a tangle ... y'know what I'm sayin"?

Hey, baby. Wanna tangle?
by Tenacious Faulker April 16, 2009
to become involved in a fight, esp. with two lots of large opposing groups of people.
Terrence had stepped on his toes, so he asked him if he wanted to tangle.

"Oh my! The rutherford posse and the anti-rutherford posse are tangling/having a tangle outside my window and I can't get to sleep!"
by Fridge December 7, 2004
A word only on this site because I added it
by LarstaiT November 5, 2003
to become interlocked,so much so it's usually unseperable
by Christine A young January 16, 2004
The term for a group of dog walkers. (e.g., a herd of elephants, a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a tangle of dog walkers)
Walking down the sidewalk in Gramercy Park, I passed a tangle of dog walkers who happened to meet up. There were four dog walkers and like 20 dogs.
by Suzanthra May 14, 2014
Fucking, having sex not to be confused with simply ’hooking up

Going all the way
Max and Margret tangled every night and she inevitably got pregnant
by Braidmaster November 21, 2019
A Disney movie about a girl with 70 feet of magical hair and a bandit who helps her along the way. They encounter pub thugs, her evil foster mother, and two bandit brothers while on their way to an annual light festival in remembrance of the lost princess (Rapunzel). A retelling of the German fairy tale Rapunzel.
It takes two to get TANGLED!
by Lady Gaw Gaw November 26, 2010